We will increase the quality and quantity of leads, app installations, and sales through paid traffic

We assess the current advertising performance (point A) of the project and, together with the clients, define desired metrics (point B) and develop an action plan.
For each project, we assign specialists who are the best fit in terms of skills, interest, and availability.
We align expectations, goals, and plans
Through the development of creatives and hypotheses, traffic analyses, work on the optimization of the platforms and transparent communication with the client including clear reporting.
Achieving results
We assemble a team and get to work
Promotion through paid traffic channels
We are capable of working and achieving results across all channels: Google, Meta, TikTok, Yandex, LinkedIn, WeChat, Zalo, Telegram, various browser and teaser networks.
Types of services
LinkedIn Ads
The same craft approach, taking into account the specifics of LinkedIn. If this channel is added as the third one, we will provide a discount.
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1-2 months
Google Ads
Lead generation or campaigns for promoting applications through this channel. We enter and check settings every day. Reports and planning - every week.
Prices starting from $500 per month
3 months and more
Meta Ads
Detailed elaboration of audience segments, numerous tests and creatives - all to achieve results! Daily review of accounts. Reports and planning - on Mondays.
Prices starting from $500 per month
2 months and more
TikTok Ads
The same craft approach, taking into account the specifics of TikTok. When collaborating on 3 channels and more, we provide discounts.
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2 months and more
Audit and strategy
We'll dive into the project once, conduct an audit of advertising accounts and the website, outline errors and recommendations, and present this during a call with answers to your questions.
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1 months and more
Yandex Direct
Lead generation using all types of available campaigns in Yandex Search and Yandex Display Network. We review accounts daily and provide reports and planning every week.
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3 months and more
Testing different channels
When a project is new and needs preliminary testing across multiple channels with a limited budget, we can work in this format.
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1-2 months
Unconventional tasks
We're not afraid to work and deliver results in less popular channels: WeChat, teaser and browser networks, adult platforms, Bing/Yahoo Ads, and others
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3 months and more
Basic setup and handover to the client
For simple projects with low competition and minimal budgets, where the client wishes to further maintain and manage campaigns independently. We'll set up the campaigns and hand them over with recommendations during a call.
Price starts at $400 per channel
1-2 months
Every client is unique
GEO, niche, resources, team, budget, number of promoted products and services, and other factors contribute to this uniqueness. Therefore, an accurate project assessment can only be made after negotiations.
Projects are assigned specialists of various levels, from Junior to Team Leader/Senior, and we track the quality and quantity of their hours on projects. The agency's average hourly rate is approximately $20.
We know the cost of working hours.
We consider the job done when the client is satisfied with our work and is willing to continue the collaboration. Therefore, we strive to get the most out of the advertising budget, and clients work with us for years.
How do we evaluate the project?
Regular account checks: from 2 times a day and less (depending on the volume and complexity of the project)
Analysis of metrics on a weekly and monthly basis to track and improve dynamics
What is included in our services?
Utilization of all types of campaigns and channels that can enhance results
Development of hypotheses and detailed audience segmentation
Collaboration with the sales department for feedback exchange
Analysis of landing pages and provision of improvement recommendations
Implementation and configuration of analytics systems in projects
Provision of clear and transparent reports
We're happy to discuss your project!
Call to action:
Please spend 3-5 minutes of your time filling up our brief. It will help us to study your business before contacting you. If it is inconvenient for you, just contact us directly, and we'll answer you ASAP.
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