We provide training in internet marketing and SEO, enhance the qualification of marketers in digital and management, help the companies in building marketing departments.
Outline key agreements, develop a plan, calculate the required hours of work, and then commence
Our team has collectively trained over 700 individuals. We prepare presentations, lectures, workshops, and conduct live reviews, observing progress and discussing results
We discuss expected outcomes
We prepare a project report, hand over all training materials and meeting recordings, and offer detailed recommendations for further independent work
We summarize the project and provide recommendations
We work with teams/students
Sharing Our Expertise in Marketing and Team Building
We present and conduct training sessions for the marketing departments of large companies and investment projects. Sharing knowledge and expertise in comfortable settings.
Types of services
One-time training/speeches
Prepare material for a presentation format. From one-hour sessions to full-day workshops for various purposes.
Duration: Up to 2 days
Price starts at $50 per hour
Conducting courses and mentorship on an ongoing basis.
Here, we calculate the program and the volume of training individually, taking into account the skill level of the team of professionals involved in the training
Price starts at $800
Duration:1 month and more
We're happy to discuss your project!
Call to action:
Please spend 3-5 minutes of your time filling up our brief. It will help us to study your business before contacting you. If it is inconvenient for you, just contact us directly, and we'll answer you ASAP.
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