Increase the quality and quantity of leads, app installs, and sales using PPC (pay per click) marketing
MOGO Finance
A Latvian fintech company represented in 15+ countries. We're doing full-stack PPC marketing in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan since 2019.
A smart transport service in Vietnam with a convenient app and comfortable buses. We launched in-app purchases campaigns.
To boost performance in foreign markets, ensure high-quality adaptation and translation of contents.
A service issuing microloans in Kazakhstan. We've been managing ads in all PPC channels since the project's start in 2021 and ensuring a steady growth of indicators.
A service to search for repair shops and auto parts in Kazakhstan. We reduced the cost of a lead in Google Ads 3 times.
Original courses and workshops from one of the leading advertising agencies, Friends Moscow. We have been doing lead generation for them since 2019.
Attractor School
Programming school in Kyrgyzstan. Working together since 2016. During this time, we have ensured more than 10,000 high-quality leads.
Thoroughly segmenting audiences, preparing individual creative contents for them, and analyzing and optimizing landing pages are sacred things in "Peklo"
A mobile network operator in Kyrgyzstan. We ran advertising campaigns in all PPC channels in 2019, managing a huge budget.
Spring in Bishkek
A social project aimed at protecting women's rights. We promoted their mobile application. A record CPI was $0.01 for 3k+ installs.
Issuance of loans to the card online in Kazakhstan. Leaders in their field. We managed advertising in all PPC channels in 2017 and 2018.
Asian Med Trade
A pharmaceutical company in Kyrgyzstan. We've been working together since 2019, and we've been promoting more than 20 drugs produced by the client.
A construction company in Kyrgyzstan. We run advertising campaigns on Google, YouTube, FB, Instagram. More than 1,200 leads attracted in 5 months.
Mate Mate
A natural energy drink from South America. We do PPC marketing for Singapore and Kyrgyzstan.
A service to buy airline tickets in the Kyrgyz Republic. We brought them to the leading positions in the TOP 3 for the main keywords.
Thorough grouping of semantics, elaboration of keyword matching types, and refined texts are prerequisites for a high CTR, a low cost per click, and an increase in satisfied customers.
Dodo Pizza
A pizzeria chain in Kyrgyzstan. Working together since 2016. Average CTR in Google Search Ads over 50%, and CPC $0.03 to $0.04 given the competition.
Vinoteka Vietnam
The company provides boutique wines in the HoReCa sector in Vietnam. We run PPC promotion in the retail segment and have doubled the conversion rate.
A single online membership for 120+ fitness gyms in Almaty and Nur-Sultan. We delivered 50,000 app installs + launched in-app actions campaigns.
Namba Taxi
The leading taxi service in Kyrgyzstan. We promoted the application and delivered over 100,000 installs at a reasonable price from 2017 to 2019.
Invest in the production of your own photos and videos for your creative contents. Performance efficiency will skyrocket and justify the costs!
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