We will implement analytics system settings for products of any complexity: GTM, GA & Firebase, Facebook SDK, Appsflyer (or another MMP), Looker Studio & Power BI


Implementing Necessary Analytics Tools for the Project

It's the foundation for further marketing: we need to track every step and user actions within the product.
Types of services
Identifying key stages and user actions that need tracking, setting up ad data transmission to CRM, and configuring reporting.

Discussing Expected Outcomes

Assigning specialists to the project based on their skills, interest, and availability, maximizing their fit for the specific project.

Assembling the Team

At this point, the project is ready for promotion as we'll monitor both the quantity and quality of users from all advertising channels tied to expenditures.

Achieving Transparent Reporting

Technical support for web & app analytics

When the product is complex and frequently updated, all metrics need to be analyzed and monitored to ensure they are functioning properly. This also includes fine-tuning settings.
1 month and more

Analytics for Simple Websites

Tracking requests and inquiries in messengers in GA4, Yandex Metrika using GTM + building dashboards in Looker Studio or others.
Duration: 6-10 working hours

Analytics in custom projects

We delve into the product and analytics settings. We integrate additional features: Ecommerce, Measurement Protocol, and customize funnels and dashboards in Looker Studio or others + integration with CRM.
1 month and more

Every client is unique

Depends on the complexity of the product, the number of the pages and the functionality. More work with applications due to 2 platforms and MMP tools.
Specialists of different levels, from Junior to Team Leader/Senior, are assigned to the project, and we track the quality and quantity of their hours on projects. The average hourly rate for analytics is $25.

We know the cost of working hours

Final Result in Analytics

When planned metrics are tracked with minimal or no margin of error. Achieving this result requires active participation from IT specialists on the client's side.

How do we evaluate the project?


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Please spend 3-5 minutes of your time filling up our brief. It will help us to study your business before contacting you. If it is inconvenient for you, just contact us directly, and we'll answer you ASAP.
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